SUSY 2003 Logo SUSY 2003, Supersymmetry in the Desert, The 11th Annual International Conference on Supersymmetry and the Unification of the Fundamental interactions, June 5-10, 2003, Tucson, Arizona

SUSY 2003 Conference Proceedings

EXTENDED Deadline: Monday, Feb. 23, 2004

The Proceedings of the SUSY 2003 conference will be published by World Scientific. Towards that end, it is necessary for each speaker to prepare a camera-ready proceedings contribution. You can download the appropriate macro files by following the link below. Page limits are: 7 pages for plenary talks, 4 pages for parallel talks. Please try not to exceed these limits.

When you have completed your writeup, please send it by email to the Conference email address . In the subject line of your email message, please put plenary if your talk was a plenary talk, or Session 1A if your talk was a parallel talk in Session 1A, etc. The body of your email message should be empty. The fully compiled, final camera-ready PostScript file of your contribution should be included as an attachment to your email message. Note that all figures should already be embedded, and all references and equation numbers should crosslist correctly (i.e., LaTeX several times before making your final PostScript file). Please do not zip, compress, or otherwise tamper with the PostScript attachment; raw PostScript will be OK. If there is a problem at our end or something looks wrong, we will contact you.

If your mailing address has changed since the SUSY 2003 Conference and your previous institution will not forward your mail, please send us a separate email message to give us your new address.

We anticipate that the final SUSY 2003 Proceedings volume will be published and mailed to all Conference participants in late spring/ early summer 2004. In order to make this possible, we are requesting that all Proceedings Contributions be received by Monday, February 23. (This represents a two-week extension from our original deadline of Friday, February 6.) After this date, contributions may or may not be included in the published volume.

Also feel free to submit your SUSY 2003 proceedings contribution to an appropriate arXiv as you see fit. If you choose to submit to an arXiv, please place the tag line "To appear in the Proceedings of SUSY 2003, held at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, 5-10 June 2003" in the Comments section in order to enable SPIRES to make the conference crosslisting easily. In such cases, you may also wish to retain the SUSY 2003 footnote which we have placed on the title page of the World Scientific template file.


To download the appropriate macro files, click here.
This will download a .uu-compressed file which you can unpack (on a Unix machine) by saving the file in its own subdirectory and issuing the command csh filename.uu. This will produce a plethora of World Scientific style files and the like. To read the official World Scientific instructions, LaTeX the file called ws-procs9x6.tex and read the output. We have prepared an additional file called template.tex which you can also LaTeX; this file is slightly modified for SUSY 2003 purposes and may be easier to use as a template when preparing your own contribution.