SUSY 2003 Logo SUSY 2003, Supersymmetry in the Desert, The 11th Annual International Conference on Supersymmetry and the Unification of the Fundamental interactions, June 5-10, 2003, Tucson, Arizona

SUSY 2003 Scientific Organization

All scientific aspects of SUSY 2003 (talks, convenors, etc.) will be organized according to different sessions with different themes. If you would like to contribute a talk, you should use this guide when selecting an appropriate session for your talk. Note that the division into sessions is merely thematic, and does not reflect conference scheduling; activities associated with some sessions, for example, may continue over several days.

SUSY 2003 Sessions: Brief Descriptions

Session 1: SUSY Phenomenology
MSSM physics and low-energy consequences/tests, including relevant Higgs physics, flavor physics, and embeddings into 4D SUSY GUTs. Also includes SUSY model-building and new SUSY-breaking scenarios.

Session 2: Formal Aspects of SUSY Field Theories and SUGRA

Formal aspects of supersymmetric field theories, both with and without extended supersymmetry. Also includes properties of supergravity in different geometric backgrounds, as well as relations to fundamental theories such as string theory, AdS/CFT connections, etc.

Session 3: Experimental Searches, Bounds, and Constraints

Results from current and planned experiments of relevance for SUSY and other Beyond-the-Standard-Model physics. Includes both collider and non-collider experiments, future search strategies, etc.

Session 4: Neutrino Physics

Results from current experiments on neutrino masses, mixing angles, sterile neutrinos, etc. Theoretical models, mechanisms, and predictions for neutrino masses and mixings. Also includes implications for fundamental theories (SUSY GUTs, MSSM, etc.)

Session 5: String Phenomenology and the Brane World

String model-building, low-energy signatures, large and warped extra dimensions, non-Newtonian gravity, string/orbifold GUTs, etc. Includes issues pertaining to Higgs physics, flavor physics, etc., when emerging from such models.

Session 6: Formal Aspects of String Theory, Recent Developments

New developments in formal and mathematical aspects of string theory and M theory, D-branes, non-perturbative string physics, strings in time-dependent backgrounds, etc.

Session 7: Astrophysical and Cosmological Connections

Relations between fundamental theories of physics beyond the Standard Model and their implications for astrophysics and cosmology. Includes bounds from astro/cosmo particle physics as well as particle-physics implications of new astro/cosmo scenarios.